Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 16, 2006 Update

Over this weekend I will continue to work on my lights, which are the biggest obstacle in finishing my display. I want to make it so that, as soon as Thanksgiving is down, Xmas is ready to fill in. One week until Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tentative Dates

Ok. Tentatively, the Xmas lights will go on on December 1st, with all up by December 5th. Some unnoticeable Xmas lights/decorations are already up, but won't be lit until November 24th. This year, I think I might do some kind of New Years decorating, but no solid plans yet.

The Countdown

Well, the Countdown Begins! Crunch time people! Many displays will begin lights on Thanksgiving day, however, due to my decision to decorate for Thanksgiving, mine will be postponed for several days after. That just means I'll have to work harder and faster to get it all done in time. Keep checking back for regular updates!